TNT Dance was founded in 2008 with the aim to teach and promote Crossbody On2 Style Salsa in London, based on the following principles:

  • Personal Attention
  • Progressive Syllabus
  • Emphasis on Technique

We believe that every student is unique and will have different learning requirements. At TNT Dance, personal attention is given to all students, at all levels, to allow us to work together on your progression.

Our syllabus is not designed as a set of classes, but each level is designed to give you all the techniques required to enable you to progress further on your dancing journey. We have developed a comprehensive Salsa syllabus to guide you from the moment you join as an absolute beginner, to becoming an advanced Salsa dancer.

At TNT Dance we put a strong emphasis on your understanding, execution, and creativity within Salsa. We work on the core techniques, variations, and your ability to personalise what is learned.