We have started with a simple urge for exploring salsa music; find out how DJs narrate outside the UK & bring them to the UK – aspiring to be a window to the salsa scene worldwide. A simple ‘spin’ that concentrates on Djs, outside and inside the UK playing on the timeless, quality sound of vinyl; celebrating their collections, music knowledge, flavour and experience.

Our first priority is the marriage of a good experienced Dj with a good sound system, so what we love the most – music, is expressed at its best. Adding to that an extra musical layer of live percussion, we strive to provide ‘Premium Salsa Quality’ to the dancers and music enthusiasts who join our parties.

Finally, we aim to set high standards for what we believe makes an enjoyable and relaxed party,
– a good spacious venue with the best possible mix of amenities to accommodate participators combined with a relaxed atmosphere for people to dance, enjoy music and connect with each other.


The founder and soul of ‘I like it like that’, Erick had long had the desire to bring great DJs together from around the world and share their sets with the UK crowd. For him, ‘I like it like that’ brought two passions together: salsa music, as well as vinyl collecting, playing and sharing with the best from around the world.  He has set up Lopez Brothers Ntertainment with his brother, Alex, hosting ‘I like it like that’ as well as other latino parties in London.

Erick Lopez known as DJ Erick The Saint has established himself as one of the top Latin DJs in the UK. He was brought up in the Dominican Republic, where he was enthused from young in Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and other Latin music styles; a passion which he brought with him when he crossed the Atlantic in 2001.

He started collecting music from a very early age and DJ-ed in-house parties before moving to bars and larger events in the Dominican Republic. Since moving to the UK in 2001, he immediately took on the London Salsa scene, Dj-ing in popular Latin venues and becoming a favourite resident/regular DJ; a privilege he is honoured to continue today with events (Salsa on Sundays, El Grande, Salsateca, Ola Latina, Salsa Mish, Smooth Salsa).

Erick has over 15 years Dj-ing in his belt and close to two decades in collecting music and traveling around the UK and Europe to play in well-established venues and festivals.

He is a Resident DJ at SOS | El Grande | Salsa Mish.


Styliani (Stella) has been working with Erick on ‘I like it like that’ sharing his passion for Latin music and salsa in particular. She loves the sweet sound of vinyl records, old-school salsa, and retro design.

She has been working in advertising since 2000 as a designer and animator, while also being part of the salsa scene as a social dancer and music enthusiast. ‘I like it like that’ has given her the opportunity to combine her passions for music and design while also enjoying a dance or two…

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I Like It Like that returns at its new large venue the Saturday with pure Salsa dura on Vinyl bringing back popular dj talent internationally renowned. I like it like that March 21th with DJ Mulato (Sal’Sounds Paris) and Dj Nilson CLASS: 8pm – 9pm SOCIAL:  9.30pm – 2 am with live conga throughout (bar and reception open all day, full air conditioning) ENTRY: £15  after 8pm (last entry 00:30) VENUE: Lambeth town Hall, 1 Brixton Hill, London, SW2 1RW Click here for Google maps

Hosted by I Like It Like that, salsa dura on vinyl, the Vinyl Matinee visits the classics’ concept, bringing back popular dj talent that has graced the decks in the past in a relaxed afternoon social. Vinyl Matinee with DJ TBC   . SOCIAL: 5pm – 9pm (bar and reception open all day, full air conditioning) ENTRY: £8 till 6pm | £10 after VENUE: The London Irish Centre, 50-52 Camden Square, London, NW1 9XB Click here for Google maps