an opening live salsa concert on Friday evening on the lake (at the Bains des Paquis) – Mambo parties from 10 pm until 5 am on Friday Saturday and Sunday

⁃ Excellent international and local DJs who know how to create mad energy on the dance floor and keep it all night long! – Day socials on Saturday and Sunday afternoons

⁃ A beautiful venue (total size of over 600 sq. meters) ⁃ Plenty of parking around the venue and free wifi at the venue End of summer in Geneva is beautiful, and our out-of-town guests can enjoy during the day the beauty and treasures our lovely city on the lake can offer

⁃ Despite Geneva having a reputation of being expensive we will strive to keep the event affordable for all, with many affordable lodging and restaurant options. Promo codes will be available from our ambassadors Geneva being an important travel hub for Easyjet, there are many cheap flights available from over 30 cities to