MamboCity hosts the return of its Mambo Con Son Festival -a weekend connecting music and dance with its roots.

The Weekend is for Dancers who Dance On2, want to learn On2, or want to connect to the timing and rhythm of Son

We have brought together some of the leading dancers in the world of Cuban and New York Dance,
workshops using live percussion to aid with understanding of the rhythms and timing

☆ Cuban Son, Palladium / Power On2 (2,3,4 – 6,7,8) to Modern Day New York On2 (1,2,3 – 5,6,7)
☆ Learn to dance On2
☆ Improve their dancing On2
☆ Have a good time social dancing to Son, Mambo & Salsa

Address (and google maps)

Hotel/Venue: Radisson Blu, Edwardian Hotel, Bath Road Heathrow Middlesex UB3 5AW