The last Afternoon social was pure magic so we are going to do this again on Saturday 30th June 2018.

The day will kick off with an advanced class from 2-3pm, Intermediate class from 3-4pm, both with myself. We have a social from 4-8pm with returning champs DJ Rupert Boyle from Bristol, and DJ Asmadi from Paris; literally #Round2. I will also be encouraging new DJs to hit up the decks, so for this party, we will have DJ Josh Abetile as our overtime DJ from 8-9pm; let’s support Josh with his debut set.

Entry for the day will be £10 and £8 for social only.

DJ Rupert

“Serving up smokin’ hot, swinging Latin rhythms for the dancer!”

Based out of Bristol in the UK, Rupert is well known as both a Salsa DJ and heavy duty vinyl collector. Originally from a Hip Hop background, he was listening to Soul, Funk, and Reggae since the early 90s and was introduced to Salsa music in 2007. He instantly got hooked on the rhythm of the conga drum and started his mission to track down the best in classic and rare salsa records. Over the last 10 years, he has scoured the USA and Latin America for Salsa music and his inspiration is to share this with the dancers.

In demand on the decks, he can regularly be found spinning tunes throughout the UK and across Europe. His sets contain a wide variety of old school and new Salsa, including Salsa Brava, Romantica, Mambo, and Cha Cha to cater for all tastes and keep the energy level high on the dance floor.

DJ Rupert will be burning up the dance floor.

DJ Asmadi

When DJ Asmadi made his first trip from his home country Netherlands to Latin America in 2012, he immediately fell in love with Salsa. Quickly from the start as a social dancer, he developed a keen preference for Salsa LA/NY Style and became very passionate about collecting Salsa music (CDs, Vinyl) which he would buy during his trips to Colombia, Puerto Rico etc.

It was only years after (in 2016) that he started to take it a step further; as a DJ. While living in Paris, he became one of the resident DJs of the Salsa O’Sullivan’s. Following this, he had the chance to play in multiple events across Paris, Amsterdam, and London at Stars of Salsa.

Today DJ Asmadi was one of the resident DJs of the Barrio Latino team and now at Theatre du Renard in Paris every Sunday and continues to share his passion for music across the events where he is invited.

DJ Asmadi will be playing his second set in London for you.