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MamboCity hosts its 17th 5Star London Salsa Congress at the prestigious Radisson Blu, Edwardian Hotel, London Heathrow. From Complete Beginners to Advanced and season dancers there will be 2 full days of workshops in a variety of dance styles..including: Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha… This congress will include workshops from world-renowned artists including ☆ Adolfo Indacochea & Latin Soul Dancers ☆ Angelo Gioffre Dance Company ☆ African Jet ☆ Franklin Diaz (USA) ☆ Jose Diaz & Nerea Perez (USA/Italy) ☆ Jennifer Benavidez ☆ Maykel Fonts ☆ Marchant & Davina (South Africa/UK) ☆ Marco Ferrigno (Italy) ☆ Miguel & Mayana (UK) ☆ Rohan Brown (UK) ☆ Sagi & Marta (UK) ☆ Tania Cannarsa (Italy) ☆ Tomas Guerrero (USA) DJ’s ☆ Dmitri (Dubai) ☆ Julian “The Duke” (UK) ☆ Julian Summers (UK) ☆ Mauricio Reyes (UK) ☆ Tuli (UK) ☆ Willy (Netherlands)   There will also be a live band and daytime Social Dancing -See Schedule-Online-entry with any of the passes!!